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Hey Space Gobbos!

So post-Kickstarter I'm able to make and add some changes to the game! Version 3 has some additional segments that don't change the core loop as much but do add in small variety and a segment on ensuring a safe and fun game space!

Added or Changed in v3:

  • Materials list
  • Game Structure became an intro to the basic game play to help with segmenting and flow of reading
  • Teethiness Tokens: Another way to change up what would be normal tracking numbers into a tactile experience for the whole table. Gather your shiny, precious, valuable things that you can then pool together to make into your Teethiness score. A good way to also make use of all those dice sets you don't use but find pretty since all you need are d6s and d8s!
  • SPACE GOBLIN PRINCIPLES: A pretty big additional for me at least is the addition of Principles! These are a collaborative way to get out in the open what you want out of your games of Space Goblins! Build a guideline of what your crew follows as a code, and what kind of adventures your seek out, as well as a guideline for the current Referee to reference. Use this as a form of Safety Tool to reinforce positives at the table. I've prewritten 3 Principles all Space Goblins follow in all games because Space Goblins do not stand for oppression, bigotry, or inequality and won't harm those who suffer and will cause mayhem to bad guys. 
  •  Phases hopefully are laid out a little better to read and understand.
  • Space Goblins Sequels??? I added a small section that I can hopefully expand on a bit more opening the discussion and possibility of taking Space Goblins and your characters, principles, or system into other games! The game as is has a pretty strict structure and a set narrative path, but I love what other creators come up with for the dungeon-, point-, or hex-crawl settings and would love to see some Goblins absolutely ruin them!

Moving forward post-Kickstarter:

As the raw text of the game changes or is edited I'll continue to upload new versions as text PDFs. You may have noticed the price of the game has gone up, and that will most probably stay the price of the PDF after all the art and layout has been added. The final version of the game will be uploaded here as soon as I send the digital PDF to Kickstarter Backers, as well as all the Digital Community Copies paid for during the campaign.



Space Goblins! v3 130 kB
Mar 11, 2020

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