Additional Stat + Legos + Better End Phase

Hey all! Medium Update to the game!! It's still not looking like a lot, sorry I haven't been able to spend time to turn it into a nice looking zine, but thank you all for still appreciating it!

First Important Update: The game now uses Legos if you're able! Or whatever your preferred and most available interlocking plastic building blocks. These are now your Junk pile. Instead of just a number, or tokens, you should be constantly building up and breaking down your mismatched, haphazardly designed, amazing and beautiful Junk Ship! You'll need at least 60 individual pieces, but the more the better! This definitely makes the game a lot more tactile and fun, you've got small moments of putting things together as a group, figuring out what to remove, etc. If you use this method, take a picture of your Junk Ship at the end and send it to me!

Second Important Update: The Goblins have a new stat! Rude is the kinda social/less physical addition to Rascal. I felt like Rascal was a bit too catch all, so splitting it should allow for more variation in rolls.

Third Important Update: There's a final phase and a Junk Ship table! Now, when you reach Junktopia, you'll initiate the Crashing Into Junktopia section! As you add junk to your ship, you'll now fill in a blank encounter table throughout the game of rooms you've added to your own ship. The final phase has a Goblin take on the role of the referee one last time as they pilot your ship into the ideal spot on the landscape, while the others attempt to escape their crashing ship using the table you've built up all game! Hopefully, I can have another update where you can upload your ship tables and an encounter result where you grab a random other Goblin ship that you can enter, creating a fun internal universe of ships among players.

Thank you so much for everyone who likes this game, spreads it around, and has played it! I really really appreciate it, and I'm very proud of what I've come up with here. I hope to give it the time it deserves with a full, pretty, fleshed out release later on (maybe a Zinequest Kickstarter?). I'm keeping it PWYW for now because of how it looks, but I'd also love any opinions on whether I should charge a fixed price for the content and work put into it so far?

Hopefully, soonish, you'll get another update with the GOBIN BELLS AND JINGLE HORSES - A Very Special Space Goblins! Holiday Edition Addition to play throughout the holiday season with family and friends! 


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Nov 27, 2019

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