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You have survived the apocalypse, and your worst nightmare has come true. The sun burns redder, brighter, and hotter, never setting - the Forever Dawn. The land has been irradiated and kissed by its strange sanguine rays, warping the world into a carnival for the strange and the supernatural.

Bloodbeam Badlands is a game for at least 2 players, including a Game Master (GM). It’s a game about vampires stuck surviving a post-apocalyptic world where the sun never sets, what it means to keep moving when the deck is stacked against you, the immortal facing mortality with every step. It’s also a game about being really cool vampires with cool vampire powers and cool magic guns going on rad adventures in a rad world filled with rad things. 

Characters in Bloodbeam Badlands have 3 Stats: Guts, Guile, and Guise that determine your capabilities and how many dice you roll, and 3 Sources: Blood, Bullets, and Burn which determine your state of being and what value you need to roll under. Managing your Sources as they fluctuate and playing to your strengths allows for a dynamic yet simple system!

Vampires in Bloodbeam Badlands aren't just numbers though! Pick 1 of 4 Vampiric Bloodlines that determines how you've manifested as a vampire, similar to picking your class:

  • Transubstantiate - You have true monstrous form waiting to break out, something even full vampires fear. Manifest Aspects of your true form to turn the tides of battle.
  • Umbral Shift - Your body is attuned to the demiplane of shadows, the Deep Umbra, your soul an unstable void connecting you to it. Use this connection to slip and jump between shadows or turn your enemy's shadow into a weapon against them.
  • Verisimutate  - Your vampiric curse heightened your innate psychic link to the demiplane of psyche, the Astral Domain, taking your abilities to new, terrifying levels. You can bridge your mind to something elses, allowing your Astral self to enter into their Astral Domain.
  • Phantomblood - Your heart is a chamber for the ghosts of those you have consumed and a lure for those who linger on this world. Your veins carry the curses of those who wish to pass on, imbuing you with the ability to channel the spectral energy around you.

You also carry around a trusty gun that's been modified to fire Cursed Ammo. Your gun can be anything, from an ornate revolver to a pump-action shot, or even a minigun or laser rifle! Then pick 1 of 5 Cursed Ammo it can shoot:

  • Seeking Ammo: - Whisper the true name of your target and fire, the bullet will seek them out, weaving through obstacles to reach its prey.
  • Incendiary Ammo - Harness the power of that which you fear and turn it on your enemies. Fire this shot and ignite your enemy in flames causing an explosion around them.
  • Phase Ammo - Rune carved bullets tether your essense to them. At any point during this bullet’s travel you can appear, replacing the bullet in its trajectory.
  • Lure Ammo - These cursed bullets are attuned to the demiplane of the dead, luring the damned to crawl out of shadows and try to pull the target down.
  • Bloodmoon Ammo - This ammo has werewolf blood in the tip, a powerful serum of primal forces. A target hit by blood ammo stirs into a frenzy, unable to differentiate friend from foe.

You and your fellow vampires travel the radiated landscape, crossing paths with other superhumans, getting into scrapes with mutated beasts, or making deals with the last vestiges of humanity for their blood in mutual survival. 

Includes an Introductory Adventure!

The Vampires find themselves at Ignis Rock, a Sunborn Enclave currently under the rule of a tyrannous warlock, Cornell. He has constructed a colosseum in which he tests his abominations against the Sunborn population for his amusement and profit from traveling ravagers. The warlock’s champion is a terrifying beast designed to be the perfect killing machine, a weapon he parades around to inspire fear in his rule - Revolverface. Will the Vampires help reignite the flames of the recently smothered rebellion, or will they succumb to the warlock's devilish bribes?

This adventure was created for the #AdventureJam

Add to the Forever Dawn with Badlands B-Side!

Click the logo to go to a collection of supplementary material!

Badlands B-Side logo design by West Cahall

Do you want to create supplementary material for Bloodbeam Badlands, like additional Bloodlines, Gear, Factions and Adventures, or utilize the system to create your own games? Create a Badlands B-Side! Bloodbeam Badlands uses a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license, making releasing your B-Sides effortless with simple Attribution text! 

Listen to Bloodbeam Badlands

This game is in Early Access! 

Bloodbeam Badlands is entirely playable and you will have an incredible experience doing so! By buying this game now you will have in your hands a product that I believe you will thoroughly enjoy! However, not everything I want is in the text.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
AuthorViditya Voleti
Tagspoc-made, Post-apocalyptic, roleplaying-game, Two Player, Vampire


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Hi! This game looks great! Does In Thrall to the Burning Teeth come with the game if it's purchased High Voltage Tabletop Bundle?

It does! The adventure is included at the end of the game text

Thank you! I bought the game and can't wait to run it for my players. Any chance of a print run in the future or expansions?


I learned about Viditya Violeti’s Bloodbeam Badlands last year when I was researching Dicebreaker’s nominees for rising star tabletop designers, and was immediately sold on its concept. People sometimes make fun of the indie tabletop scene for the esoteric and odd games we sometimes put out, but Badlands is a prime example of why that weirdness is the best part of independent game design.

the book mentions "the mythical endless night" and I am inclined to believe this is blades in the dark

Heads up: Page 11 (or 10 in the plain version) has text hidden behind the image. The last line “and profane and goes on a rampage” is not readable.


uh oh!! I could have sworn I patched that out!

Thank you for letting me know, will upload a new version soon


Fixed! Thanks again


Vampires and Westerns are two of my favourite concepts, I can't wait to run this

Deleted 1 year ago


Your Radiohead Skull clatters to life: "Dracula's back! A limited-time offer buy 1 ticket for the WHOLE FAMILY! You're not going to want to miss his grand return!" 

A new location has been added to your map: Dracula's Wacky Funhouse Castle of Dreams!


Bouncing Bombs! Dead bodies ragdoll and bounce off surfaces once or twice, and then explode when at rest.



Activate this cheat code and you no longer collide with anything in the world and move around freely on any directional axis 

*due to how the Sun works, its rays don't count as a collision so you can still take Burn harm



When you spend Bullets to shoot your gun, you don't lose Bullets


Spawn: Foam Fingergun! (Tag: Fun) 

Let's go vamps!!: Point this at any enemy and say BANG - watch them explode into confetti while a crowd cheers!
Drawing of a foam finger, red with the words "LET'S GO VAMPS" on it and arm inside. There's squiggly black lines coming out the tip of the index finger.


the very idea of gunslinger vampires in a world with eternal day gets me exited and inspired

hell yeah!! I hope it continues to inspire and excite you!


i dont even care if the system is good or not, this is all so fucking sick


Seriously dope concept for a game, can't wait to play

thank you!!

looks cool

thank you!

This seems sick as HELL, gonna buy this once I get paid. 





Lead Belly Mode

A lil radiation hurt no one! Treat irradiated blood as pure blood while this cheat code is on


BBBL fucks.