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Space Between Stars is a collaborative storytelling roleplaying game about characters who are the crew of a spaceship exploring an unstable universe, dealing with their own internal issues, and growing together through shared experiences, one job at a time.

Players build the world they will live in from the ground up, ensuring each experience is unique to the table and tailored to what you want to see in your game. Characters focus on who they are rather than what they can do.  Each session plays out like an episode of a TV show, exploring the universe and your characters further.

Listen to Space Between Stars played and talked about!

Galaxy Builder Free! - Feel free to check out the Galaxy Builder for free, a simple but effective worldbuilding tool designed to create a unique and explorable space opera universe by asking a few pointed questions! 

This game is In Development! This is a "Quickstart Book" that allows you to get right into the game and has all the major mechanics laid out. Included in this are Jumping Off Characters, a Premade Ship, and a single Job Generator (Delivery jobs), but all of these still have plenty of room to define as your own!

If you're not sure you can afford the game at the moment, feel free to contact me for a copy. If you want to support a designer and help them pay for groceries, feel free to buy it, and thank you so much! 


Buy Now$16.00 USD or more

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Hi, its possible to have a community copies?

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I love how worldbuilding is integrated into/is an extension of play! Particularly with GM-less/GM-full games, getting everyone at the table invested in the world and the stories you will tell within that world from the very beginning is a hugely important and Space Between Stars absolutely nails this. The presentation of "Threads" also lends itself to an intuitive way to drive these GM-less/full games. 

The Grief/Loyalties/Hindrances mechanics, really the whole way you can build your dice pools are really great. Not to mention, the provided resource/character sheets are slick

Also, space is great and space games are great. Games with Space Whales even greater. 

(and yeah, VICHEATYA)