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This game is in collaboration with Scott Will! Please follow them on Twitter at @SkortWall

THIS GAME IS IN ALPHA DEVELOPMENT! It is currely pretty barebones, and has a lot of fleshing out to go. Feel free to look at what we have so far!! 

Hollow Grove is a setting suppliment for any rpg that focuses on investigating and the strange, occult, and horror. 

In the mists and among the pines sits the sleepy town of Hollow Grove. Like any small town it has it quirks and characters: Jocks and nerds, diners and high school football games, low stakes politics and a deep unnerving sense that something is wrong. Something lurks in the shifting woods and abandon alleys. A threat hangs over the town on the edge of vision and just out of reach. Investigators, thrill seekers, and adventurers beware! Hollow Grove has secerts to reveal. Wether you're a 1920's detective with a suspicion of the unkown, a kid with a bike and all the summertime in the world, or a high fantasy adventurer; Hollow Grove has a mystery it would like to show you. So welcome to our town, we hope you'll stay awhile. The harvest festival is in three days and we have something big planned.

Included currently are:

  • A list of Small Town NPCs
  • Strange Encounters and Plot Hooks
  • Major Conflict Plot Hooks
  • A simple system to run in

To be included:

  • Town Map 
  • Hexcrawl outskirts map
  • Sample adventure
  • Polish
  • Art?
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorViditya Voleti
GenreRole Playing
Tagsroleplaying-game, Tabletop role-playing game


Hollow Grove Ver 0.1 112 kB

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