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"The Goblin Pulls Out A Gun" is a TTRPG Tech Pack to make a GMless Opposed Dice Pool System. 

By building off this tech pack's core dice mechanic you will be able to make: an engaging system for GMless scene resolution handling concurrent outcomes and player-driven choice in narrative-focused results.

It is also, technically, a fully playable game! Albeit a very loose one, incredibly rules-lite and generic, but you can play it out the box and it'll be INCREDIBLY fun! 

Provided in this tech pack is:

  • A core system based around building two opposed dice pools that favor a lot of roleplaying, fictional modifiers, and collaborative decisions in deciding what outcomes occur after rolling dice
  • Examples of what these outcomes look like, as well as a full play example explaining the process.
  • Helpful guidelines to help you decide why you should use this system for your game, why I designed it, and what it excels at
  • Helpful definitions of some of the terminology I use and decisions I made
  • Why this system is GMless!
  • Tips on how I would run this system out the box without adding much to it and play advice
  • A plethora of tips and insight into my decisions for what I'd encourage you to hack apart, the reasons I designed things so you can decide how much you want to ignore me, and suggestions on where to flesh this system out!
  • Smattered in those tips are also just general game design tips you could use in any system, not necessarily this one!
  • Licensing and Attribution text under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

As you can see - this is quite a lot! I think this is a really cool piece of game design and I believe there are so many directions someone could go with it! And that someone could be you!

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorViditya Voleti
GenreRole Playing
TagsGame Design, GM-Less, poc-made, srd, tech-pack, Tutorial


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Very intriguing and very cleverly written, I really like this idea

thank you!! I hope it inspires something :)


This has a really cool mechanic that would work great for a party game atmosphere with players excited about working together to tell a fun and dynamic story. The author's suggestions about how to use the mechanics, and what they do well, is an incredibly useful addition to the SRD.


This is a really valuable find, not just for the wonderful system but for the insights into design that come with it. Very excited to keep reading!


I was intrigued enough that I finally made an itch account and bought something. It's a pretty great little system that's lite, easy to remember, allows for some statistical fiddling, and can produce a variety of storytelling objectives with a single handful of dice. Great kit!

Thank you so much!! 

Deleted 1 year ago

10/10 name