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You are a freshman at Wizard College and you just finished your first semester! In order to continue on to the next semester, the College is sending you and some other students out on your first quest. The only things in your arsenal are each other, a magic item the college has lent you, and one shitty spell you spent all semester learning. Good luck!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorViditya Voleti
GenreRole Playing
Tagspoc-made, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Apprentice Quest is a game about having just enough knowledge to get in way over your head. Also it's about wizardry.

The PDF is 3 pages, with a very strong, neatly organized layout that visually separates everything into compact boxes.

The rules are explained in sort of an odd structure, with the core mechanics being on the last page, but they're all solid and easy to learn.

You have three stats and a custom spell. You assign properties to the stats that determine whether they work better when you've taken damage, or when you haven't taken damage. Your custom spell just works, but you can risk consequences in order to overcast it or extend its casting.

The challenge in front of you is a wizarding practical exam, and you must navigate it with other freshman wizards who also have only a single spell memorized. The GM has a lot of room to play with this format, and to make the game as long and as challenging as needed, but with that said, Apprentice Quest feels perfect for one-shots and convention games.

Overall, between the tight core rules and a lot of fun random tables, there's more than enough here to engage the group, and there's nothing complex or vague for people to bounce off of. If you're looking for something fun, lighthearted, and easy to learn, I'd strongly suggest picking this up.

Minor Issues:

-Page 2, Setting, "they're first semester" their

-Page 2, Setting, "various locations and designed" are designed

-Page 2, Quest, "students abilities" students'

-Page 3, What happens if helping someone causes you to subtract the last die from their roll?