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A Land Once Magic is a Post-Fantasy worldbuilding game to help create unique worlds based around deconstructing and evolving fantasy tropes and creating unique magic systems that are built from the ground up. Using only random tables and a deck of cards you'll be able to create a wholly original post-fantasy world!

Use A Land Once Magic as a Session 0 to bring into another long term campaign games! Use this as a Writers Room game to create a deep world with many avenues of exploration and growth! Use this as a jumping off point to creating your own game or story as it can create unique systems for design! Or just grab a few of these tables, some cards, and do what you want!


This game has been in development for several months now, with many playtests under its belt. However, it is not done. What you will find here is a fully playable game that will create an outstanding product within a fulfilling game experience. HOWEVER, it is not edited, does not have proper layout, it's rules are enough to get you playing and not much more, and several other bits of content I would want before I call it done. HOWEVER, I want people to take this game and play it and make from it. And in the process, I want people to put their faith that this game will be better. Every purchase will help me fund editing, lay out, original art, and more content!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorViditya Voleti
TagsFantasy, GM-Less, poc-made, Singleplayer, Two Player, worldbuilding


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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How many players does this game support (or recommended)? Can it be played solo? Game time?


This game can technically support as many players as you want, but comfortably 1-4 or 5. You can play it solo, and I know some who have, but it's simple nature of answering questions is intended as seeds to discuss and expand on with others to riff off! 

Game time is also variable, since the "goal" is to get discussions going and ideas flowing! I've used individual tables to play a quick 20 minute game at convention lobbies and also had whole 3 hour worldbuilding brainstorms going thru all the tables available!


This is such a good game. Unbelievably exciting


I bought the game and I'm going to read it in a bit but first can I just say that this itch page is BEAUTIFUL


Oh my god thank you!! I always felt like my pages were lacking and wanted to spice them up!!