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How often do you wish you could play your favorite roleplaying games but don't have a Game Master to run it for you? The grind of being a Forever DM starting to really get to you? Did you know you don't need a Game Master to tell the stories you really want to in your heart of hearts? Did you know that it's really easy and a simple system exists that still uses your favorite d20? 

Well that's 6e GMless! A hack of 6e by Batts, 6e GMless is a generic framework system to run any adventure without a Game Master. Built for interesting avenues of storytelling with consequences and evolution that last between sessions.

GMless has players build Canvases that take on the role of anything possible in the story or world. Your Canvas could be a traditional Wizard in an adventuring party, the Villain terrorizing the city from behind the throne, the Townsfolk themselves or even the Town itself. Your Canvas could be the Questline you are on, or even the Genre of story you want to evoke. Play the Wind, or The Dreams of the People. Or play an adventuring party. All is welcome and possible in 6e GMless!

This game was submitted to the 6e Game Jam

When you sit down to play 6e GMless, you agree to punch fascists and stomp on bigotry. You will respect your fellow players and their needs, concerns, and traumas. At any point for any reason a player can veto elements of the narrative that are being brought in. Even if you had spent XP or rolled dice, you will not use my words in this game to justify harming others. Entertainment and safety above all.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorViditya Voleti
GenreRole Playing
TagsGM-Less, longform, One-shot, poc-made


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I absolutely love this game. The design is really beautiful, with simple rules, and there are even some really cool details like choosing a fiction genre as a canvas, I would never have thought of that on my own.

But most of all, I appreciate the way the fiction is created collaboratively.

11/10 for this game, plus Viditya is a really nice person.


I made a "hot take" about universal systems in the Brain Trust discord without realizing that Viditya had written such a cool one!

I read through 6e when batts put it out and thought it was pretty neat, and the work that Viditya has done to both broaden the scope and make the actual playing a little more concrete really clicked for me! Illustrating the whole process of turning the abstract into the specific with colors being painted into specific skills on the canvas is a super brain blast, and the general advice for playing without a GM is exactly the kind of stuff I want to be able to show to my more trad game friends.

Anyways - next time I get upset about there not being a system for a game I want to play, I'm going to try to find a group to brainstorm some stuff out with 6e GMless!


really innovative framework that could easily extrapolate to the system/setting/style of your dreams.



Thank you so much!

[CHEAT CODE UNLOCK : DEEP POCKETS] - You've unlocked the XP Trigger "This Is Our Game Now: When you want to sculpt the game but don't have XP in the XP Pool, love what another player is doing and want to reward them, or think the story will be better off but are really strict about rules, gain 1 XP. You can do this as many times as you'd like in a session."


Changing 6E perspective from simple adventurers to world and storybuilding is a good edge! And the change to Entertainment and Safety Above All is aces!